Financing & Rental

Spread the cost of your IT hardware with us.

We understand that IT investments can be significant. That’s why we offer flexible purchasing options to suit every budget and business need. Whether you’re an SME or a large corporation, you can rent or finance any of our servers, storage, or workstations. Additionally, we can provide you with a complete IT solution agreement.

Financing Your IT Hardware

Our finance and leasing options are designed to give you the flexibility and freedom to use highquality refurbished IT hardware without the upfront cost of purchasing:

Tax Efficient

Enjoy 100% tax-deductible payments.

Maximising Your Cash Flow

Spread the cost of your purchase to avoid large capital expenditures and implement multiple projects at the same time.

Keep Credit Lines Open

Preserve existing lines of credit for other business needs.

Simplified Equipment Disposal

At the end of the lease term, if you choose not to keep the hardware, we take care of responsible disposal.

Upgrade Freely

Adapt your equipment to changing business needs with flexible upgrade options during the term.


As your business grows, you can easily add more resources through the same financial agreement.


Benefit from a payment plan tailored to your organisation’s needs, allowing you to spread costs over 1 – 5 years with the choice of upgrading or keeping your hardware.

The Best-Fixed Rate Payments

With your requirements in mind, our brokers ensure you receive the best interest rate and lease plan.

Renting with Bytestock

Our rental services offer a practical and costeffective solution for businesses needing temporary or longterm IT hardware solutions.

Flexible Timescales

Choose rental terms from one month up to a year.


No need to pay the full purchase, especially beneficial if you only need the hardware short term.

Keep Up with IT Upgrades

You can avoid your IT assets losing value over time by consistently upgrading them without having to spend a large sum of money every time.

The Right Equipment at the Right Time

Many businesses need more IT hardware at certain periods throughout the year, renting will help you manage this expenditure.

Maintenance and Support Included

No extra costs for maintenance; we handle all upkeep.

Test Before Buying

Rent equipment to test different configurations and ensure they meet your needs before making a purchase decision.

Keeping it simple...

To make the process of financing as easy as possible for our customers, contracts are simple and straight to the point. Our contracts are also sent digitally, not only to drive forward sustainability but to streamline the review and signing process for you.

Interested in financing or renting a specific product?

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